Start the Year with Sourcing Innovation

This post also deals with a sustainability issue important to me – the sustainability of this blog!

The new year is approaching fast and that means it’s time to figure out where best to spend that new marketing budget. Why not commit to a Sourcing Innovation Sponsorship and have your logo on the top right-hand side of the screen? Although I won’t hold a slot until the new year, I am more than willing to either delay payment until January (with the minimum 3-month commitment) or give you (up to) the rest of the year free with a long term commitment.

And the best part of making a commitment now? You get to lock in 2007 rates! Considering that the average number of unique page views per day has increased over 520%, and that statistics are still trending upward at an aggressive rate, this could be a great deal. The charts below show an increase from an average number of 690 unique page views per day this time last year to the current average number of 4305 unique page views per day.  The average number of unique click-throughs to specific posts per day is also trending upward. In the last four months, the average number of unique click-throughs to specific posts per day (blue) has trended up about 40% and the number of unique click-throughs to specific posts on peak days (red) has almost doubled!

Average Daily Hits

Average Unique Hits

As per previous posts, you have two options for sponsorship. Basic Sponsorship, which requires a minimum commitment of three months, and the Sponsorship Advisory Package, which requires a minimum commitment of six months.

Basic Sponsorship Benefits include:

  • linked company logo on the topmost section of the right-hand sidebar
  • “Sponsor Welcome” post and one “interview”, “commentary”, or “update” post per quarter (with subject matter at blogger’s discretion)
  • unlimited permission to reproduce blog content, with citation and URL, during the sponsorship period
  • attendance, and blog coverage, of one sponsor event per year in Canada or the US (at sponsor’s expense)
  • assistance with two webcast / podcasts / web brochures per year
  • one affiliate content link

The Sponsorship Advisory Package Benefits include:

  • all of the basic sponsorship benefits
  • off-site conference-call advisory services (up to 6 hours of call time per month)
  • unlimited e-mail advisory services
  • one free day of on-site advisory services per six month period (at sponsor’s expense)
  • one original vendor-independent technology, process, or solution white paper (of up to 10 pages) at a 50% discount per six month period

So e-mail thedoctor <at> sourcinginnovation <dot> com to reserve your slot today!