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Happy New Year from the Sourcing Maniacs!

[Wakko, Yakko, & Dot] We are the sourcing-maniacs
And we’re zany to the max
So just sit back and relax
You’ll laugh ’til you collapse
We’re sourcing-maniacs!
[Wakko & Yakko] Come join the ‘Riba Brothers
[Dot] And the ‘Riba Sister, Dot
[Wakko, Yakko, & Dot] Just for fun we ran around the corp’rate parking lot
They locked us in the boardroom whenever we got caught
But let us loose from the caboose
And now you know the plot!
[Wakko, Yakko, & Dot] Yes we’re sourcing-maniacs
We had pay to play contracts
But Chicken Boo got control
Put us out in the cold
Now there’s no turning back!
[Wakko, Yakko, & Dot] ‘Cause we’re sourcing-maniacs
Who are zany to the max
[Wakko] There’s baloney in our slacks
[Yakko] Our good friend Bill plays the sax
[Wakko, Yakko, & Dot] We’re sourcing-manie,
Totally insaney,
[Dot] These are the facts!

It’s been exactly a year since Chicken Boo let the Maniacs go, causing them to wander the country in their search for a new job, and maybe just a little bit of enlightenment. We join them somewhere in the valley, where they are resting up from their recent Vendor Tour that took them to twenty innovative vendors across the North American landscape.

Yakko So …
Dot       … what …
Wakko                    … now?
Dot I really thought we’d have no problem finding work. After all, we have almost a decade of experience behind us!
Yakko True … but it was with one company, and, as we found out, our view of the sourcing world was quite narrow as a result.
Wakko We didn’t even know what spend analysis was, and we were associated with the team that invented it!
Dot But we know so much now! SaaS. Senior Professional in Supply Management. Service Management. Sourcing Lifecycle Management. Supplier Information Management. Supplier Performance Management. Energized e-Procurement. Enterprise Cost Management. Enterprise Search. Response Management. Trade Data Management. Workforce Management. Most of these terms weren’t even in our vocabularly a year ago!
Yakko Well, we certainly know a lot more than we did a year ago, but do we really know that much? Or did we just scratch the service of what modern spend and supply management platforms have to offer. We might have ten years behind us …
Wakko … but they were ten years with blinders on!
Yakko So …
Dot       … what …
Wakko                    … now?
Yakko I guess there’s nothing to do but to …
Dot Keep Going!
Wakko Yeah, I think the exercise did us good. And I could certainly go for another trip back to the Boston area when the weather warms up!
Dot You just want more Boston Cream Pies!
Wakko So? Can I help it if they’re as good as baloney?
Dot So who will we visit this year?
Yakko Whoever will see us! But I think we should consider more of a services bent this year … round out our knowledge base.
Dot I think that’s a good plan!
Wakko A’ight! More Pie!

The maniacs break into song.

Yakko Maybe we’ll visit Achilles
Who make sustainability real
Wakko After all, I’m tired of feeling
Like just another heel
Dot Or maybe we’ll visit Basware
And improve our financial sense
Wakko Because it’s been a long time since
A slice of pie cost five cents
Yakko Maybe we’ll check out the Carbon Hub
And find out what we can do
Dot To take our carbon emissions
and cleave them right in two
Wakko Or visit the Oracle of Delphus
And see what we can learn
Yakko I’d like to have a forecast
Without forty days of churn
Dot Or peak in the Energy Window
In search of a flash of insight
Wakko That’ll light up our neurons
In a dark and stormy night
Wakko Or take a swim in the Fishbowl
that holds our inventory
Dot and see if we can find out more
about the vendor managed story
Yakko Or have a chat with the Greybeards
who have procured through the ages
Wakko When it comes to cutting costs
it helps to heed the wise old sages
Dot Or finally check out Hubwoo
Wakko Shine a light on the hullaballo
Yakko It’s time that someone found out
Just what it is CC likes to do
Yakko Or take a trip to the I. q. West
Wakko I. q. West …
Forty seven live beats coming from the Valley Street
Nort East West South all in the same house
Sifting in the back room, gonna make a big boom
I’m in a boardroom waiting for my savings …
Yakko & Dot Wakko!
Dot Or maybe I’ll splurge and get some Jada
Emeralds and rubies dug up with spadas
And all the boys will say I’m buena
Wakko Because my name’s Macarena
Dot glaring at Wakko
Yakko Or take a trip down to Kanbay
To see what they have to say
Dot about value management plays
Wakko Because that’s the maniac way!
Yakko Or maybe get some Logility
‘Cause we’ve just got to be free to
Dot Collaborate. Collaborate.
Wakko Online platforms — they make it great
Dot Maybe walk through the Mercury Gate
Managed transportation won’t be late
Yakko Customers won’t be irate
Wakko It’s time for us to make a date!
Yakko We won’t forget the Next Level
Wakko Or their upcoming revel
Dot So we’ll swing by the Pitts
And flash them our wits
Wakko For we know how to use a bevel!
Yakko Pay our respects to Osiris
You ne’er know when our time will come
Dot Should we get lost in desert lands
Wakko To P2P we may succumb.
Yakko Maybe we’ll get some Provade
Wakko I sure am tired of lemonade
Dot Shed some light on the managed game
Wakko And the outsourcing crusade
Yakko But then we’re in a Quadrem
For there’s little that starts with Q
Dot So why not go see Quadrem
and see what they can do?
Wakko Maybe we will burn some Rubber
A GPO, we’ll run for cover
Above the ground our feet will hover
We won’t tire like a lubber
Yakko And then maybe we’ll get Savi
Mobile assets are all the rage
Dot We’ll get a handle on inventory
VMI gets center stage
Yakko Maybe talk to Trade Extensions
And their command of dimensions
Optimization gets a mention
Wakko And maybe I will pay attention!
Yakko We could check out UGS
But now they’re Siemens … and in a mess
One Point Four Billion … that’s a lot
Wakko It sure would fill my baloney pot!
Yakko And make a date with VendorMate
Visibility would be great
Get those watchlists off our plate
Wakko And keep those vendors at the gate
Dot Maybe we should go ask Waer
replenishment gets managed
Yakko and how modern software suites
can give buyers an advantage
Yakko Maybe we will see the Xign
Wakko it’s disappeared from the scenery and from my mind
do this, don’t do that … I don’t know …
’cause I missed the Xign
Dot Then we’ll take a little rest
Almost through the alphabet
Wakko A through Z is lots of work
But our duties we will not shirk
Yakko And in our quest for logic
We might take a peak at Zogix
Wakko because T&E is our life
it gets us through our days of strife
Yakko From A to Z, we’ll try them all
Wakko Whether they are big and small
Dot And if again we reach the end
Yakko, Wakko, & Dot We will just start over again
Yakko, Wakko, & Dot Happy New Year!

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