The Strategic Sourceror’s (Supply Chain) Anti-Trends

The Strategic Sourceror was first to the plate with a trio of home-run anti-trends for 2009.

  • Strategic Sourcing Outsourcing Finally Gets a Good Rap
    The Sourceror notes that even though the list of anti-outsourced strategic sourcing excuses (just like the list of excuses for why we don’t need no consultants) goes on and on and on, this is the year that people who just made a big investment in (e-)sourcing software realize that software alone is not enough and you need to balance the tools with the human expert techniques.
  • Networking Costs You That Job
    Every time the economy takes a bath in the crapper, every person and his dog comes out of the woodwork with a list of techniques for landing that next job, and networking is always at the top of the list. And this time, the media has outdone themselves and convinced people that “networking” means getting in touch with every single person you have ever heard of in your life and bombarding them with your resume and story … every single day. Now, while you should contact everyone who you honestly think could, and would try to, help you, and while you should be persistent in your job hunt … there’s persistence, and then there’s good old fashioned harassment. Go overboard, and you might just find that you’re the first person blackballed next time something opens up.
  • Hasta la Vista to the Fat Cats
    This post is just too good to every try to summarize.