How Internal Pressures Cause Supply Chain Fraud

The recent Katzscan newsletter had a good article on how internal pressures cause fraud. Noting that the failure of executive management to properly staff for key positions, train employees, enable employees to ask for (and receive!) help when they really do need it, and the creation unattainable benchmarks all contribute to pressures that can force an otherwise honest employee to commit fraud, it concludes that powerless to ask for help, because it is seen as a sign of weakness and could jeopardize their job, too many people are left to toil and are forced to commit fraud to satisfy outlandish demands out of fear of reprisal.

Well said. There’s pushing your employees to be their best and setting stretch goals … and then there’s just being unrealistically stupid. A 10% savings on raw material heavy categories where the market price of those raw materials has increased 30% since the last contract? Inspect 10% of inbound raw materials when the average is 7% and you won’t replace the two staff members who just left? Faster clearance at the ports when you won’t spring for the costs associated with C-TPAT certification? Dream on. Your employees have two choices: tell the truth and risk termination, or lie. And it only gets worse from there.

So think about what you’re doing the next time you ask for the unreasonable. Otherwise, you might unwittingly join Fox in Sox with Knox in stripes.