A Few More Ways to Go Green and Save Cost and Energy

Last fall, Industry Week ran a good article on getting the green light that outlined some good ways to go green and save green at the end of the article that I haven’t covered yet, and in one case, even thought about before. Cutting right to the chase:

  • Install Alternate Power Units (APUs) in Private fleets

    for heaters, air conditioners, etc. in sleeper units. This can cut engine idling time by up to 80%.

  • Efficiently Route and Load Transportation
    Reduce out of route and empty miles, increase cube utilization, and emphasize multi-stop shipments.
  • Near-Source Air-Intensive Components
    If you receive plastic bottles or packaging in un-blown, test-tube format, blow them into shape on-site, reducing the number of truckloads required to deliver the bottles or packing to the plant by up to 90%.

For more ideas, see the article.