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One More To Go and Technology and My Hobby Attains Seniority

Over on New Florence, New Renaissance, Vinnie Mirchandani’s Technology and My Hobby series recently received its 64th submission, putting it one post away from seniority status. For those of you looking for something different, but yet interesting, to read … if you haven’t already, you should check this series out. To help you find the guest posts related to your hobbies, I’ve indexed them in alphabetical order by category.

Category Author Company
Archaeology (Armchair)
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Michael Lamoureux (of Sourcing Innovation)
Baseball (Little League) Mike O’Brien (of Appirio)
Basketball Coaching Dan Dal Degan (of Salesforce)
BBQ Floyd Teter (of Jet Propulsion Labs)
Beagles Peanuts
Blood Donation Tom Foydel (of SightLines)
Brewmastering (Home) Dennis Howlett (of ZDNet)
Bridge David Dobrin (of B2B Analysts)
Cars (Tinkering) Brian Sommer (of TechVentive)
Cartoons (Tech Toons) Alvaro “Blag” Tejada Galindo (of SAP)
Cats Rusty Weston (of Third Set Media)
Chess Rita Mirchandani
Community Service (Long Distance) Will Scott (of Waer Systems)
Cycling Paul Wiest (of Siemens Enterprise Communications)
Disney World Jim Holincheck (of Gartner)
Fishing Mike Prosceno (of SAP)
Friends Naomi Bloom (of Bloom & Wallace)
Flying Ameed Taylor (of Applation)
Gardening Erik Keller (of Wapiti LLC)
Gastronomy William Mougayar (of Eqentia)
Golf Jim Rafferty (of Market Shapers)
Grandparenting Frank Scavo (of Computer Economics)
Green Living Timothy Chou (of Cloudbook.Net)
Harmonica Leonardo Kenji Shikida (of Vetta Labs LTDA)
Home Design Josh Snowhorn (of Terremark)
Home Improvement (Global) Helmuth Guembel (of Strategy Partners)
Home Movies Tom Wailgum (of CIO Magazine)
Jazz Radio DJ Jim Berkowitz (of CRM Mastery)
Horses (Low-Tech) Mark Galloway (of oppSource)
Martial Arts Harald Reiter (of SSIP)
Model Planes Anil Wats (of DP World)
Music (as a Second Career) Richard Hunter (of Gartner)
Musical Discoveries Mike Laven (of Traiana)
Jazz (Big Band) Joe Thornton (of Lawson Software)
Opera Guenther Tolkmit (of Lawson Software)
Organ Playing Gerlinde Gniewosz (of Zuztertu.com)
Photography Michael Krigsman (of Asuret)
Reading Francine McKenna (an Author)
Restoring Antiquarian Books Jason Busch (of Spend Matters)
Rifles (Target) Tom Ryan (of Gartner)
Rock (Guitar) Devan Sabaratnam (of Business on Software fame)
RVs Tom Chimera (of Overpayment Recovery Services)
Running Eric Dirst (of DeVry)
Sailing Curtis Beebe (of PwC)
Side-Tripping Kimberly McDonald Baker (of Project Partners)
Photography Michael Krigsman (of Asuret)
Singing (Soprano) Gretchen Lindquist (of SAP Security)
Skiing Sig Rinde (of Thigamy fame)
Snorkeling Louis Columbus (of Cincom)
Soccer Coaching Christian Schuh (of Siemens Enterprise Communications)
Squash Nick Dembla (of Capsilon)
Super Momming Joy Wald (of ADT)
Technology Impact Bob Warfield (of SmoothSpan)
Technology Luddism Josh Greenbaum (of Enterprise Application Consulting)
Tennis Karen Beaman (of Jeitosa)
Theatre Marilyn Pratt (of SAP Labs)
Travel (International) Harish Malani
Vinyl DJs Ray Wang (of Forrester)
Wine John Dean (of ex-Steelcase fame)
Woodworking Jeff Nolan (of Venture Chronicles (.com))
Working Out Larry Dignan (of ZDNet)
Writing Charlotte Otter (of Charlotte’s Web)
Writing (Adventure) Rein Krevald (an Author)
Youth Science Mentoring Charlie Bess (of EDS)