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The SSON’s Top Ten Tips for Talent Development

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The ultimate key to supply chain success is having a great team. More than anything else, supply chain is about people who implement the processes, use the technology, and use the physical assets you have to create value that consumers will buy. That’s why this blog keeps hammering on the importance of talent and why you should at least browse this article on the top ten tips for talent development from the SSON because, more than anything else, top talent is what is going to get you through this downturn.

So let’s get to them.

  1. Hire With Development in Mind
    The great thing about top talent is they want to be top talent, and they recognize that this means continued development and proving themselves every day (because Shift Happens). If you show you’re committed to workforce development, you’ll attract a much better pool of candidates from the start.
  2. Observe and Encourage
    Identify the star performers who are already within your organization and offer them the training and opportunities they need to shine.
  3. Provide the Bigger Picture
    Not only is the whole greater than the sum of its parts, but an employee who understands the whole will create a much better part.
  4. Create Uniformity throughout the Organization
    Make talent development an organizational effort, not just a spot-effort by individual managers.
  5. Create Development Centers
    This institutionalizes development in your organization.
  6. Acknowledge the Benefits of External Development
    Not all expertise is within your organization, in fact, most of it is outside the four walls. Taking advantage of external expertise is what really allows your organization to shine.
  7. Encourage Participation in Industry Events
    Not only will your employees learn, but they’ll meet people who can help them keep learning.
  8. Leverage Internal Events
    This gives more junior employees the chance to increase their skills and abilities and eventually take full advantage of the opportunities external events have to offer.
  9. Have the Right Trainers in Place
    The right trainer makes all the difference.
  10. Don’t Forget the Incentives
    That’s what incentivizes your employees to learn as much as they can and excel at their jobs … which is what provides the most value to your organization.