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Get Noticed and Keep Your Sourcing or Procurement Job

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SupplyManagement.com recently ran a good article on 10 ways to get noticed and lift your profile during this recession. Most are pretty obvious, but it’s still a good refresher article.

  1. Cut Costs
    Even though best-in-class procurement is about cost avoidance, not savings, in troubled time, cutting costs is what gets you noticed. So attack those sacred cow service categories with strategic sourcing and decision optimization, save big, and be an organizational hero.
  2. Engage Colleagues
    The best results come from cross-functional teams who work together to identify not the best price, but the best overall value for the company when all factors are considered, and the most recognition goes to the procurement professional who can organize a team and lead them down a path to success.
  3. Demonstrate SRM Skills
    When times are tough, they’re doubly so for your suppliers. To get the most from any supplier relationship, the relationship has to be managed. That takes a special breed of procurement professional who can work with the supplier, and not just beat them over the head demanding cost reductions.
  4. Consider Cash Flow
    Right now, the CFO likely only has one thing on her mind … making the next payroll while keeping the lights on. Anything you can do to help her will make you an instant organizational hero.
  5. Eliminate Risk
    Chances are, your organization is currently facing more risks than any one individual can count, let alone keep track of. If you can eliminate just one major risk, you’ll get noticed.
  6. Innovate and Be Flexible
    Smart organizations are starting to realize the same-old, same-old isn’t good enough any more and that they need to innovate. This means that they’re looking for innovators to lead the transformation. It could be you …
  7. Be A Leader
    There are lots of followers out there. But not enough leaders to lead the transformations that will be necessary for most businesses to survive.
  8. Stay Up To Speed With Training
    Your company needs someone who can thrive in today’s marketplace, not yesterday’s.
  9. Know Your Strengths
    Leverage them and stick to them.
  10. A Little Self Publicity Goes a Long Way
    Be sure to publicize and capture your successes. A hint of modesty is good, but too much will find you lost in the crowd.