They Killed Kenny … You B@st@rds!

Those of you familiar with South Park are aware that poor, cursed, Kenny McCormick died in nearly every episode during it’s first five seasons, before staying dead for a year, and then returning to die occasionally in seasons seven through thirteen. However, even though Kenny McCormick has died over 100 times, the number of deaths he has experienced is only a fraction of the number of companies killed last year because many companies wouldn’t pay on time!

A recent article over on, which summarizes research from the Federation of Small Businesses ( FSB ), notes that approximately 4,000 small suppliers were forced out of business last year as a result of late payment. That’s just small suppliers tracked by the FSB! How many companies would still be in business if their customers simply maintained and adhered to fair payment schedules? How many? Think about it.

So, if you are extending your payment teems to sixty days, ninety days, and beyond … all I can say is … you killed Kenny … you b@st@rds!