Are You Ready for Your Talent Shortage?

Don’t be fooled by the current economic environment, there’s still a global talent shortage and we’re headed towards an impending crunch because the talent war is going to heat up again along with the recovery. And chances are that you’re going to be on the losing end according to some recent research from TopGrading Solutions. (Tip-of-the-hat to Kevin Cornish.)

According to the research, 67% of currently employed personnel surveyed will be looking for new opportunities once the economy picks up. That’s right, if you’re an average company, when the economy recovers, you can expect that two thirds of your workforce will be looking for work. If you thought you had turnover problems before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Why? Well, if you’re an average company, you cut your staff by 10% to 20% and pushed those that remained to their limits with pay cuts and unpaid overtime. That’s why over 78% of employees do not feel that they were treated well (enough to stay in their current position).

All I can say is that you better get started on your succession plan. Given that there’s a 4 in 5 chance that you’re going to be hit by an internal talent shortage real soon, I don’t think you can afford to turn a blind eye to the issue any longer. Good luck!

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