Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

The Most Often Overlooked Risk in Your Energy Supply Chain?

Is it the grid and the possibility of another great blackout (due to a lack of breakers)?

Is it the unpredictable terrorist act that could blow up a pipeline in North America (which includes friendly Canada)?

No, it’s Sciurus Carolinensis!

One little squirrel in one little circuit-breaker in one little substation can knock out power to 9,000 homes with a single nibble, as FirstEnergy customers in North Royalton found out on Tuesday.

Maybe Dark Verne has the right idea when he thinks we need to Get Rid of that Squirrel!.

Have yourself a Mathematically Correct Breakfast?

Have you ever wanted a mathematically correct breakfast? Well, thanks to George W. Hart, now you can (have one)!

Check out this great page on how to slice a bagel into two linked halves. (Now, if you’re not watching your weight, it will also work on a properly proportioned old-fashioned donut, but I strongly recommend the bagel.)

Hat-Tip to Matthieu Cormier, of Cocoa Mondo, a fellow Haligonian.