You Can Compare Apples to Oranges!

And they’re not that different after all!

All you have to do is gently desiccate them in a convection oven at low temperatures over the course of several days, mix the dried samples with potassium bromide, grind them in a small ball-bearing mill for two minutes, press 100 mg of each of the resulting powders into circular pellets having a diameter of 1 cm and a thickness of approximately 1mm, and record their spectra at a resolution of 1cm-1 using a Nicolet 740 FTIR spectrometer.

And when you’re all done, as per the above graph, you’ll find out that apples and oranges are very similar!

So, for those of you who are still claiming your solution can’t be compared to your competition because they’re “apples and oranges”, for e.g., I guess your bubble has been burst.

Source Apples and Oranges — A Comparison, “Annals of Improbable Research”, May/June 1995.

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