Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

Web 2.0 Suicide … It’s a Good Thing

I enjoyed this recent post over on TechCrunch on how to Wipe the Slate Clean for 2010 and Commit Web 2.0 Suicide. Seems like a forward-thinking developer who was tired of living in public and sick of all the privacy theatre decided it was time to wipe the slate clean … and built the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.

Just put in your credentials for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or LinkedIn and it will delete all your friends and messages and change your username, password, and photo so that you cannot log back in. There’s even a short video of the tool in action, which I’ve included below! It’s too bad that Facebook cut off access, but I’m sure some another forward thinking developer will find a work around soon enough!

And if you’re still not convinced you should unplug your web 2.0 life after reading this post on how marketers are using Facebook to find out everything about you using just your e-mail addresses (echoed in this CNN article) because the new Facebook privacy settings decrease your privacy by default, look at it this way. Unplugging from your social life online will leave you more time for your real life, which you’ve probably been neglecting.

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