Twitter Will Make a Twit Out Of You!

As highlighted in this CNet video which asks does Twitter make you stoopid (at the 2:35/4:15 mark), students [are] failing because of Twitter, texting. The University of Waterloo in Ontario, which has world renowned programs in mathematics, computer science, and engineering (among other disciplines), requires all students they accept to pass an exam testing their English language skills. Almost a third are failing. “Thirty per cent of students who are admitted are not able to pass at a minimum level“, a failure rate that has increased five percentage points in the past few years. Poor grammar is the major reason students fail. “Emoticons, happy faces, sad faces, and cuz are some of the writing horrors being handed in”. “Punctuation errors are huge, and apostrophe errors”.

According to the news release, experts in the field are saying that “cellphone texting and social networking on Internet sites are degrading writing skills. And since Twitter is both, I think it’s finally safe to say that Twitter will make a twit out of you, and that’s not a good thing. After all, the proper definition of twit is an ignorant or bothersome person. Do you really want to be uninformed (dumb) and annoying? I don’t! (And while those of you who know me might say I already am, Twitter takes ignorance and annoyance to a whole new level. Let’s not go there. After all, now that it’s been demonstrated that when a twit speaks in the Twittersphere, no one hears, there’s just no point. )

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