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If Social Networking Sites Were College Students

Check out this great post over on Aaron Hoos blog on if social networking sites were college students. In a word, it’s awesome.

  • Classmates.com: the self-absorbed senior who’s been attending college for 8 years to get a 4 year degree
  • MySpace: once the most popular student in school … put on some weight and sold out to “the man”
  • Facebook: the great looking guy that has it all … his popularity on the rise … but in ten years … he’ll feel empty inside
  • Orkut: doesn’t speak English … and he’s not good enough to play the exotic angle to get dates
  • Bebo: the off-campus student no one has heard of
  • LinkedIn: he’s mostly talk and optimistic dreams but he has to work twice as hard to get the same marks as everyone else
  • Xing: he’s a little awkward around the girls and he sometimes forgets to wear matching socks
  • Plaxo: he talks a big, big game but he didn’t make the football team and he’s not on the dean’s list

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Does That Report Deserve To Be Stuck Where the Sun Don’t Shine?

Then Oriental Co has the perfect solution for you! Appropriately named White Goat, this new office device can take regular letter-sized paper or shreds, including the last strategic plan from your boss that you cursed until you were blue in the face, and transform it into nearly pristine rolls of white toilet paper.

As seen in the video below, it’s quite simple to use. Plug it in, add paper and water, and about 30 minus later, remove the roll of toilet paper. While the hefty price tag of about 100K means it would take years to recoup the cost, as this CNet Review points out, what price is too high for the pleasure of wiping your butt with your boss’ memos?

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