With Global Trade, Training is Only the First Step

A recent article over on Supply Chain Brain by Wayne Slossberg of QuestaWeb on what can global trade management technology do for importers and exporters made a great point when it noted that with regard to the complexity of global trade, training is only the first step.

Keeping up on the latest requirements and regulatory changes looming on the horizon is one thing, but you have to do something about it. After all, there are now 106 discrete steps to global trade in the average transaction, and things are probably only going to get worse before they get better. And with the 10+2 Importer Security Filing now a requirement, and massive fines looming for those who do not comply, a single mis-step can be financially devastating.

You need tools to manage global trade, and spreadsheets (which are costing you billions) are not the answer. They never were, and never will be. You need a platform. Moreover, the savings will pay for itself. I could understand not wanting to be an early adopter, but this is a relatively mature technology now and there are a number of Global Trade Companies with products that can help you. There’s no excuse to wait any longer.

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