Are You Relevant?

Before you answer, think about it.


Because you’re probably not.

That’s right, there’s a good chance that you’re not relevant.

And the worst part? Most likely, it’s not your fault.

The business landscape is changing, the old normal is coming back, and it’s no longer about better, faster, cheaper (or lean and six sigma) or closed systems. As noted in this HBR post about The New Paradigm of Advantage, we’re returning to a time where innovation and creativity rule, and where only the relevant companies are going to succeed.

Given that most companies are still struggling, with more going bankrupt every day, it’s pretty obvious that most companies are still not offering relevant products and services. So even though they did well in the last upturn — and let’s face it, it’s hard to fail when money is flowing like the reservoir will never empty — it’s pretty obvious that it wasn’t because they were relevant, but that their success was just a side effect of the overall buoyancy in the market.

Since only a few companies are succeeding right now, relatively speaking, it’s obvious that most companies are not relevant. And these companies are dragging you down with them.

So what can you do?

Get creative. Get innovative. And show your company what they should be doing. As per my recent post on the talent innovation imperative, these companies are not succeeding because they’re wasting their resources — namely, they’re wasting your talents. And there’s no need for it. So get busy and show them what you got. And if they don’t listen, join the majority of your colleagues who are already looking for new opportunities with relevant companies. Because YOU deserve to be relevant!