Daily Archives: March 13, 2010

I Want To Find a Twit-Free Location … Is There an App for That?

Twitter recently turned on the ability to add location information with your tweets, as described on the How To Tweet With Your Location page and rolled out the feature to its users. With the new feature, if a user clicks on location information in a location-aware tweet, a small Google map will be displayed showing the location of origin.

As of now, as per this LA Times Blog Post, there is no easy way to find all followers within a specific distance around a user’s current point. Which is unfortunate, because until we can identify the location of every twit within a certain radius, we won’t be able to identify those locations which are twit free, which, frankly, are the only places I want to be.

Help! I’m Out of Content! What Do I Do Now? (Part III)

Last year, not being able to imagine what it would be like to be out of content, I culled a top 15 list of ideas of what to do from my fellow bloggers and then followed it with a top 10 list of ideas that you could use if you were truly out of content and just wanted to entertain your audience. Since the post is still showing it’s popularity to this day, indicating that more and more of you are running out of content everyday, I decided I’d post a follow-up to help you out. So, without further ado, here are ten more great ideas that you can use to entertain your readership if you’re truly out of content.

10. Ask Tiger Woods to Apologize Again
After all, why should Google only return a mere 5 Million plus hits for a search on articles relating to the “Tiger Woods Apology“?

9. Determine if Bugs Bunny Was Better in 1942 or 1962
Argue and counter-argue the merits of The Wabbit Who Came To Supper and Wet Hare and see if you can start a flame war! Better yet, argue that Bugs didn’t rap enough, because he’s the real Rap Master.

8. Cater to the Lowest Common Denominator … with Pictures of Hot Actresses
Follow the lead of PoPCrunch, AfterEllen, Gunaxin Media, and other on-line publications trying to give Maxim, FHM, and other mostly useless publications a run for their Internet Dollars.

7. MacFarlane vs. MacFarlane vs. MacFarlane
Argue the pros, cons, and interesting irrelevancies of any position you want to put forward using clips from Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show found on YouTube. (Alternatively, if you’re old school, do Groening vs. Groening by way of The Simpsons and Futurama.) If you can come up with a good supply management related argument, I’ll post in on SI!

For example, here is a pro, con, and potentially interesting irrelevancy associated with using energy drinks to stay alert using American Dad clips:

Pro: They give you clarity
Con: They make you do crazy things
Indifferent: In order to avoid the withdrawal shakes, you might get addicted to crack

Now go forth and construct a supply management treatise!

6. Go on a Social Media Tirade
You can do a Spend Matters and talk about how the current tools leave much to be desired, a Procurement Insights and comment on Virtual Branding, or a Sourcing Innovation and go on a Twitter tirade about how it’s turning us all into twits.

5. Catalogue the top 10 “Get a Mac” parody adds on Youtube
To get you started, here are three that your geek readers might like:
Myspace vs Facebook
South Park Mac vs. PC
Wii vs PS3

4. Compile an anthology of heart-warming Caturday tales
I recommend starting on Fark. You can find links to articles about ambulance cat’s Hair-Raising Adventure, roof cat’s Purr-fect Ending, or high-rise cat’s 17 Storey Fall.

3. Start a petition to get Scientology recognized as a religion in Canada
You’ll have the support of 0.00005% of the population (assuming it’s not a rounding error)! (And the rest of us will think you’re a wack job. That’s the beauty of a free country!)

2. Digg del.icio.us
See if you can get some ridiculous circular references going!

1. Write a Song About How Airlines Break Things
United Breaks Guitars, Northwest Breaks Dulcimers, and your airline breaks …

Of course, if you’re really out of options, find a new way to compare the fashion industry to the procurement industry, like Charles did.