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Who’s Smarter? A Twitterer or a Pothead?

If you said “pothead”, congratulations! You’re right!

A recent study carried out at the Institute of Psychiatry found that excessive use of technology reduces workers’ intelligence (BBC). Specifically, those distracted by incoming e-mail and phone calls saw a 10-point fall in their IQ – more than twice that found in studies of the impact of smoking marijuana. Twitter really is making a twit out of you!

Those who are constantly breaking away from tasks to react to email or text messages suffer similar effects on the mind as losing a night’s sleep. So just imagine what a constant barrage of tweets from twits would do to you!

Playboy Goes Offshore … Is The American Lifestyle Going to Follow?

Shortly after I encountered that appalling article telling us we should outsource thinking until all we’re left with is white trash auctioning their junk at the bargain barn, I found this article on Global Services on how Playboy [is] to Rely on Outsourcing.

According to the article, Playboy has outsourced production of its monthly magazine and struck a deal to outsource its Asia operations to IMG Licensing Worldwide and expects that outsourcing will trim the Chicago company’s staff by 50% this year. Europe is next. Afterwards, the only cost saving will be lavish parties and the lifestyle Hugh Hefner is famous for … which has been part of the American dream since he launched Playboy back in 1953. Is the end of an era near at hand?

And if it is, what will replace the iconic bunny?

United Breaks Guitars: The Trilogy

For those of you who missed my post earlier this month, United Breaks Guitars, The Trilogy, is complete and available for your viewing pleasure on Youtube … and embedded below for quick access. Right now, Dave is over 9.2 Million hits! Let’s get him to 10 Million before the year is up and show United, and all the other airlines, that we don’t like it when they break our guitars, lose our luggage, or run over it with the baggage cart so it gets jammed in the automated baggage distribution system and ripped, slashed, grease covered, and torn apart. (And we like it even less when we are told “it was that way when we got it”. Yes, the latter happened to the doctor and yes that’s essentially what he was told.)

United Breaks Guitars

United Breaks Guitars, Song 2

United Breaks Guitars, Song 3: United We Stand

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