Reminding You of the Most Often Overlooked Risk in Your Energy Supply Chain

It’s not volcanic eruptions, which could bury or clog your production facilities with ash, as these generally only occur every few years to every few hundred years.

It’s not an unpredictable terrorist act that could blow up a pipeline in North America.

No, it’s suicidal Sciurus Carolinensis.

Last December, when I first told you about the most often overlooked risk in your energy supply chain, I told you how one little squirrel in one little circuit breaker in one little substation can knock out power to 9,000 homes, as FirstEnergy customers in North Royalton (Ohio).

Now, it seems another squirrel has went on the offensive in Florida where it caused a power outage in central and westin Destin (Florida), affecting both Gulf Power home and business customers.

Squirrels are on the attack! Are you ready?