I Guess Some Companies Still Can’t Do Simple Math!

I was shocked by this recent headlin on CNet that said that companies conserving water [are] surprised by savings. After all, simple math alone demonstrates the savings potential.

Let’s say you have a chain of 50 small hotels that each use 1,000,000 gallons of water per month. That’s a monthly utility bill of roughly $100,000 (in the US). That’s a yearly utility bill of $1,200,000. Let’s say you installed water efficient bathroom fixtures, washing machines, and appliances and cut water utilization by 30%, which is not unreasonable. That’s an annual savings of $360,000! Now imagine you’re a larger hotel chain or an international brewery. Simple math and you quickly see that it’s a multi-million dollar opportunity.

So don’t be surprised next time a sustainability initiative generates massive savings. That’s ultimately what sustainability means.

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