Want More Supply Chain Profits? Take a Page from David Suzuki’s Notebook.

David Suzuki recently gave the keynote at SAP Canada’s Sustainability in Business Summit. ComputerWorld has been kind enough to put the most relevant part of his keynote on the web on the ITBusiness.ca site. In brief, he says nature has to be the bottom line, and he’s right.

Think about the following facts:

  • Every time you use a gallon of water, that costs you money.
  • Every time you use a watt of energy, that costs you money.

    And now that carbon tariffs are coming on-line, it costs you even more.

  • It costs money to mine raw materials.

    Which get more expensive as supply decreases.

  • It costs money to produce and distribute products.

    Energy costs, carbon costs, and oil costs.

  • It costs you money to dispose of waste.

    No one wants a landfill, and someone has to hall it away.

  • It costs you money to dispose of end-of-life products.

Now, if you would design for recycle:

  • You’d use less water producing every component you re-used.
  • You’d use less energy producing components.
  • You’d need less raw materials, as you’d be getting them back every time your customers upgraded.
  • Production would cost you less.
  • You’d have less waste to dispose of.
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about disposing of end of life products.

    They’d be recycled into next generation products.

Plus, your profits would soar as your green brand gained share in the minds and hearts of consumers everywhere. So take a page from David’s notebook. Put nature first and watch your bottom line improve. Going green saves green.

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