Are You Ready for the Asian Juggernaut?

Forget the European Union. That’s old news. According to the World Bank, their combined GDP didn’t exceed the US GDP in 2009. Once China, which now has the 2nd largest GDP of any country in the world, combines with India, which might only have the 10th largest GDP now but which is expected to be the 3rd largest GDP within 30 to 40 years, Asia Major will be the dominant market force on the planet.

And if you’re thinking that they’re oil and water, and can’t mix, it would appear that recent headlines are indicating otherwise. China is moving into India, with a recent example being SANY Group that opened a new plant in Pune, India earlier this year, and India is moving into China, and Tata Communications just opened a new data center in Singapore to meet the growing IT needs of the region, and China in particular.

A new world will soon be upon us, and it will be ruled by the Asian Juggernaut. (Whedon’s vision of the future where we speak a mix of Chinese and English isn’t far off!)

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