Webinars This Week from the #1 Supply Chain Resource Site

The Sourcing Innovation Resource Site, always immediately accessible from the link under the “Free Resources” section of the sidebar, continues to add new content on a weekly, and often daily, basis.

The following is a short selection of webinars THIS WEEK that might interest you:

Date & Time Webcast

11:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Finding the Right CSR

Sponsor: MPI


12:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Increase your profitability through the Theory of Constraints insights

Sponsor: Jamison & Co.


14:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

TPM: The Secret to Success for FMCG Firms

Sponsor: MEI


16:15 GMT/WET

A Unique Approach for Ensuring Food Safety – Manage Contamination Not Recalls

Sponsor: Hollison Technologies


14:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Extend Your ERP for Stronger Supplier Collaboration

Sponsor: Ariba


13:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Theft Prevention in the Supply Chain: How Foresight & Process Can Secure the Bottom Line

Sponsor: CargoNet

They are all readily searchable from the comprehensive Site-Search page.