If There Is One Constant in Global Business …

… it’s buyer-beware. And one can’t help but heed the truth when you read this recent article over on Forbes on India’s Restaurant Secrets. Quickly getting to the point, the article notes that:

“Today’s Special” can mean three things:

  • the restaurant is trying to get rid of old food,
  • the chef is experimenting with new food, or
  • there is a genuinely good ingredient that’s come in and the chef wants people to enjoy it.

There’s very little difference between this situation and the situation you are faced with when a supplier puts up a large stock of inventory for auction at low, low prices. Either:

  • the supplier is trying to get rid of obsolete inventory,
  • the supplier is trying to push a new, struggling, product line, (which will likely be discontinued in the near future) or
  • the supplier was so proud of a particular product that it got a little too enthusiastic in a production run and/or just wants to get the product out there (expecting that word of mouth will lead to many profitable sales in the future).