Time to Stop Worrying About China

Yes they’re the number two economy and yes they will reclaim their spot as the number one economy in thirty (30) to forty (40) years, but they’re not worth all the attention they’re getting. As per this recent article in The Economist on Chinese Acquisitions, China owns a mere 6% of global investment in international business. That’s less than 1/15th. Compare that to Britian’s stake in international business in 1914 or America’s stake in international business in 1967 when they both held about 50%, or 1/2, of global investment in international business, and you see that there’s really nothing to worry about.

Since most developed world markets have rules in place that insure that no global investor can divert business away from the home country or export trade secrets or compete in a monopolistic way, the rules we have in place for foreign investors right now are good enough. There’s no point wasting time and money developing special rules for China, especially when most of our economies need our attention as it is. And as far as our supply chain is concerned, how about we spend the time and effort making sure they are adhering to our regulations and safety protocols instead? After all, even when they become the dominant economy, they’re not likely to be more than 20% of global GDP (especially since the rest of the BRIC countries are expected to increase significantly in GDP as well) or control more than 20% of global investment. And while 20% is significant, it’s far from majority control. Time to stop the much ado about nothing and get back to business.