That Expedited Shipment Has to Be On Time. Who Do You Choose?

No matter how much effort is put into planning, at some point a shipment is going to have to be expedited. It’s going to cost extra, but there is going to be no choice in the matter. The only choice is Fedex vs. UPS. Which should you choose?

PackageFox recently put together an informative infographic that compares and contrasts the two companies, and the net result is that, from a big picture, they are surpassingly similar. But one difference stands out. With 2.4 times as many jets, Fedex rules the air while UPS, with 4.63 times as many delivery vehicles, rules the ground. While there probably won’t be much difference for in-country shipments, if it is international, and has to go air, it might have to go Fedex.