Sustainability: The Math is Simple

Since ‘net years are equal to dog years, I’m getting cantankerous in my old age. It seems it only takes a sentence or two to set me off these days. I was reading a good article over on the Arabic Knowledge @ Wharton site on fashion or strategy when I stumbled across this quote from a Senior Manager at Accenture:

      We need to better understand the consumer and see how sustainability can drive the purchase decision. About 75% of people would say, ‘All things being equal, I would buy green‘. How you translate that into an actual purchase decision … is something else.”

Are you kidding me? How do you become a Senior Manager at Accenture if you can’t do that math?

75% = 3/4
3/4 + 1/4 = 4/4 = 100%

That says, if all things are equal, there are three times as many people who would buy your product if it was green. The hard part is figuring out what consumers really mean when they say all things being equal. Obviously, price is a factor since, no matter what they say, they never want to pay more. And so is quality, since they won’t buy an inferior product. But figuring out that your market will be three times as large as a competitor who is not green is not hard.