Is a New Age of Partnerships Near at Hand?

There is an interesting article over on the IndustryWeek site about how the world is coming to Partnership. Apparently the message that came from the Horasis Global Russia Business Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus in mid-April was that whatever happens in business, in nations, in economies during the coming months and years, we have to be working hand in hand. In otherwords, the message was that we’re partners.

It is definitely time for businesses, and the supply chains that drive them, to globalize if they want to be world class, but are true partnerships required? The first stage of globalization for an average business or supply chain is typically outsourcing. The second stage is typically expanding operations on site. Only in the third stage are true global business units created. But even then, partnerships are usually restricted to the most strategic of suppliers. True partnerships are few and far between, and most companies believe that if they want local market intelligence, production, and delivery, they either outsource the whole kit and kaboodle, or build a local operation and hire local talent. Many companies still don’t see partnerships with a local operation as a viable option.

However, I do agree that the smart people will form business partnerships that use technology to advance the interestes of both organizations as best-in-class organizations use leading technology solutions to increase their efficiency and effectiveness from spend analysis through sourcing to procurement and trade management.