Some Ideas for Reducing Transport Costs from Rising Fuel Prices from Supply Chain Digest

A recent piece over on Supply Chain Digest had some ideas for reducing transport costs given rising fuel prices from strategic, tactical, and operational viewpoints that is worth a review by anyone moving product from point A to point B. While most of the suggestions will be top of mind for most transportation managers, I’m sure there will be a few that are overlooked and worth remembering. Some of the more valuable ideas were:


  • tradeoff inventory for transportation as low cost warehousing at TL (truckload) may be cheaper than JIT (just-in-time) at LTL (less-than-truckload)
  • centralize transportation planning
  • invest in a network optimization tool


  • reduce packaging to minimal levels when shipping air
  • plug in rail/intermodal options into the TMS
  • manage inbound and outbound freight


  • optimize pallets and trailer cubes
  • insure shippers are compliant with the routing guide
  • avoid expedited shipping unless its a true emergency