Apprenticeship is the Answer

Back in March when I asked if we can fix supply chain education because academic programs, third-party programs, private programs, and vendor programs are, for the most part, not meeting our needs, I pointed out that the answer was to go back in time to when apprenticeshipos were common. When students studied on the job under the guidance of a master who prepared them for the job they had to do, not to advance an understanding of purely intellectual pursuits devoid of a real world application.

While I didn’t get much of a public reaction, I did get some very positive feedback from some old-school folks who have tried everything and realized that work-alongside training is the best answer. But a few old coots, as brilliant as they may be, do not deliver enough critical mass to get the idea out there. However, it seems that India is proving my point. As per this recent article over on Global Services that asks if everything we know about offshoring innovation is wrong, not only does an appropriately designed test prove to be a better indication of ability than a University degree, but intensive on-the-job training under a skilled expert tends to produce a better worker in months than is typically produced by years of higher education.

In other words, apprenticeships are the answer.