Daily Archives: August 28, 2013

PrimeRevenue – Priming Your Financial Supply Chain for Success

PrimeRevenue is a provider of Supply Chain Finance solutions that provides supply chain finance solutions to over 12,000 customers in 40 countries and that processes Billions of dollars of transactions each year. Like other providers of supply chain finance solutions, they provide a platform that helps suppliers access financing for their receivables when they need it. With over 40 leading financial institutions on their platform, it is a platform that every buyer and supplier should consider for their finance needs. But that’s not why we’re covering PrimeRevenue today. We’re covering PrimeRevenue because they go beyond just providing a funding platform to meet your cash needs – they also provide an analysis platform to help you figure out how best to meet your cash needs.

In particular, they provide a solution by the name of SciMap that provides a consolidated and classified analysis of your spend, enriched by insights from PrimeRevenue’s global database, based on detailed and updated market intelligence. This allows you to make better buying decisions as well as negotiate optimized payment terms, putting the power to improve your working capital in your hands.

In particular, this platform provides you information on:

  • average payment time for the commodities you buy,
  • average financing terms for suppliers with similar credit ratings, and
  • average financing terms for companies with a similar credit rating to you.

Based on this you can figure out

  • whether you are paying faster or slower than the market average,
  • what financing your supplier is able to get, and
  • what financing you are able to get

and then you can figure out whether you should be looking to

  • extend or reduce payment terms, depending on whether
  • the supplier can get better financing or
  • you can get better financing.

Then, if it is the case that the supplier can afford to be paid later and paying earlier threatens to increase the overall supply chain cost, then you have a valid reason to negotiate with (or, if necessary, mandate to) the supplier for a later payment, helping it to obtain the lower financing you know it can obtain if necessary.

When it comes to supply chain finance and working capital analysis, the PrimeRevenue SCiMap solution is unique in the supply chain finance space and a solution you should really be looking at if you want to get your supply chain working capital optimized.