Spot the doctor!

Like Waldo, the doctor can often be hard to spot in the wild. Since he’s a blogger, and not an analyst, he isn’t plageed by the media whore persona and can blend in, observe, and see what is actually happening out there. That’s why, occasionally, he gives you some hints as to his whereabouts.

Two weeks from today, if you look really hard, you might just see through his urban camouflage and spot him at the Coupa OneVision Roadshow in downtown Toronto.

If you care to try and find him, after being fed, you will get to hear John Mavriyannakis, a Director at Deloitte, talk about Empowering Modern Procurement and Ian Murray of TD Bank talk about their Coupa e-Procurement Success Story. Deloitte always has quite a few insightful success stories to share and given that TD Bank is a Fortune 500 company and a bank, this makes their success story all the more impactful.

the doctor will see you there. (But will you see him?)