Daily Archives: October 20, 2013

Does Gen-X Rule?

Well, if we are talking about the Billy Idol led band Generation X, I think we can all agree that they most definitely rule as Ready Steady Go* is still a punk rock anthem 25 years later!

But if we are talking about the post-boomer, pre-millennial generation, it’s a harder question to answer, but if you look at the recent Generation Gap survey from E&Y (as summarized on The Economist), we’re the most entrepreneurial, the easiest to work with, the best team players, and the best problem solvers — taking 4 out of the 6 rankings. In addition, we’re almost as hard working as the baby boomers and the second most cost-effective employees. From a statistical point of view, we beat out the boomers and trounce Gen-Y. Now, we’re not going to say the E&Y study is conclusive, but it’s suggestive.

Which leads the doctor to ask, does your supply chain have Gen-X at its core?

*Starts at the 1:08 mark.