Daily Archives: December 26, 2014

The Boxing Day Blogger’s Lament

Sorrow is my own yard
where the new grass
flames as it has flamed
often before, but not
with the cold fire
that closes round me this year.

For five straight years
On this day we spend rapped.
The web page is white today
no insights from grey beards.
Insights on spending
once filled many pages
put colour in our cheeks.

Yellow and some red,
but the grief in my heart
is stronger than they,
for though they were my joy
formerly, today they are absent
and we do miss old grey beard.

Today a bird told me
that in the meadows,
at the edge of the heavy woods
in the distance, he saw
a glimpse of grey beard.
I feel that I would like
to know that
the old grey beard will return
and bring us a spend rap again.