Daily Archives: February 15, 2015

All Hail the CPO. Wait, what?

You want to be a CPO. But do you know what are the requirements for the job? Especially when the number of companies with CPO positions is still few and far between? (Recent stats from a CapGemini study found that only 9% of Procurement organizations have a CPO that sits at the C-Suite table. In SI’s view, unless the head of Procurement sits at the C-Suite table, it’s not a real CPO position.)

Chances are you don’t, especially since a search for CPO job descriptions yields few and not all are consistent (since each organization has their own view on what a CPO is and what the CPO needs to do during the first year or so). But more importantly, chances are you don’t know what is required to fulfill both the written, and more importantly, the unwritten requirements of the job.

But you don’t need to be in the dark. the doctor and the maverick, in their latest collaboration, have assembled a typical CPO job description and a multi-part series explaining the written and unwritten requirements, in detail, so that you, an aspiring Procurement professional, know exactly what is required to be a CPO. The first four parts of this series are now online on the new CPO site (in addition to the first parts of the Agenda series and the Lean / Six Sigma series). Check them out! They will be worth your time. (Part I: The Job Description and Part II: Examining the Job Description, Part I, Examining the Job Description, Part II, and Examining the Job Description, Part III.)