Daily Archives: June 29, 2015

Your Supply Chain is in Flux. Last Chance to Find Out How Big those Oscillations Are!

A few weeks ago we asked if your SRM was in a State of Flux because good SRM is critical to smooth supply chain operations. Later or sooner your supply chain is going to be disrupted, and without good supplier relations, you will not have any notice, or any help dealing with the disaster that is headed your way. (The chances of your organization NOT not having a major supply disruption in the next 12 months are less than 15%. Think about that.)

Then, a couple of weeks ago we remind you that your SRM, despite what you may think, is in a state of flux and that you should find out where. Especially now that you have the chance to do it for free. State of Flux, a provider of Supplier Relationship Management software and services, and the initiators of the ground-breaking SRM Research Report, are undertaking the seventh annual study which aims to understand not only the state of the practice in SRM, but what is needed for companies to get the executive sponsorship and support they need to not only master SRM but excel.

Last year’s 2014 publication was one of the most ambitious Supplier Relationship Management reports ever published — clocking in at 216 pages of data, results, and expert interpretation and full of valuable, actionable, insights that any organization can use to advance their SRM practices. This year’s study, which will likely have over 500 global participants, should be equally insightful and all those organizations that participate get full access to the results and underlying research ahead of the market. You can measure up against your peers, and improve, well before the average, laggard, organization (which will only have restricted data access if not a State of Flux customer), has a chance to register, download, and review the final report.

Considering that this study will only take about 45 minutes of your time, the reward is infinitely more valuable than the cost! But you’re running out of time. The deadline for participation in this year’s study is July 10th. (Next Friday.) Don’t miss out on this great opportunity — take the 2015 SRM Survey today!