Daily Archives: June 7, 2015

Twenty Years Ago Today

The Boeing 777 entered service as the world’s largest twinjet. This particular twinjet had a number of different variants, including the 777 Freighter which was an all-cargo version that had a payload of 103,000 kg (226,000 lbs) and a range of 9,070 km at maximum payload.

While not the capacity of the 747 200F which could handle a MTOW of 378,000 kg, which had a range of about 8,000 kms at full payload, the improved operating economics not only offered new options for long-range, lower-cost air freight.

It was yet another advance in the long line of aircraft advancements leading up to the recent 787 Dreamliner which, despite being a prime example of a supply chain fiasco, is still a technological innovation.