Just What Can Strategic Sourcing Decision Optimization Do?

That You Can Not Do Without It?

the doctor has explained this many times, but it seems that some people still have difficulty understanding exactly why they need this technology. However, a recent article over on CNN on Hello Games and their upcoming ambitious sci-fi adventure game No Man’s Sky might help him explain the necessity of decision optimization to you.

In the recent article 18 quintillion planets: The video game that imagines an entire galaxy, CNN explains how the next generation of open-world gaming is expanding to take on the entire universe and offer players an online game with 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 algorithm-generated planets. That’s a number so large that a person would have to live 584 Billion years to visit each planet for a single second. That’s also the number of possibilities that an analyst might have to consider if she wanted to consider every possible selection of suppliers, products, carriers, lanes, pricing tiers, and allocations to optimize the entire spend of a global Fortune 500 multi-national corporation.

A large multi-national organization might

  • deal with 10,000 global suppliers
  • operating in 100,000 global locations
  • shipping to 20,000 retail outlets and warehouses
  • with 50,000 different global carriers at their disposal
  • to transport the 50,000 unique SKUS required to meet their needs
  • that can ship over an average of 10 lanes between point to point
  • at 2 different LTL rates and a FTL rate
  • and 4 different volume tiers

and this generates 600 quintillion different ship-from, SKU, carrier, lane, price break, ship-to combinations.

And, with appropriate category definition and model partitioning, Decision Optimization can handle this complexity.

Get it now?