On the First day of X-mas (2016)

On the first day of X-Mas
my blogger gave to me:
some ranting on stupidity …

It’s been a few years since our last X-Mas series, so we figure it’s time to bring you a new one. Over the next 12 days, we’re going to bring you a “best of” the last three years on a dozen topics, starting with what SI and the doctor are known for, ranting! There’s certainly much to rant about in Procurement … a never ending litany of idiocy, typically pushed by the same consultants who brought us outsourcing, downsizing, right sizing, and now in-sourcing from first a centralized, and now center led, perspective. (Good thing we cut through the whack.) So let’s get started with a list of some of the best rants to appear on SI over the past few years. (There will be more in the posts that follow.)

On How You Can Pay An Analyst 30K/day for Advice on a Solution she Hasn’t Seen! on top of potentially overpaying for a perilous pyramid report!

On Infinite Scroll … and how it’s time to bring back tar and feathering!

On How It’s Illegal to Burn Money, But Yet Your Organization Does It Every Day! (So Find Out How to Do Something About It!) … at least figuratively (if not literally) …

On How AI Will NOT Save Procurement … (despite many, many countless claims to the contrary) because
… it Will only Hasten its Demise (faster than gasoline on a fire)

On The Logistics Industry Talent Shortage … and getting to the route of the problem …

On Navegador Nightmares … as prevalent today as thy were years ago …

On MBAs and how

Sourcing Innovation Feels Your Pain! and
Why MBAs Have To Support Procurement

On The Side of Majority … is not where SI wants to be …

On Snake-Oil … and Procurement …

because There is No ONE platform! … not even in the Matrix …

On Why Good Procurement Goes Bad
Part I
Part II
because, frankly Your Procurement Sucks
but maybe that’s okay because Procurement is Doomed! Entombed! Marooned! … and we’re not kidding!

On how, no matter how things change, The Song Remains the Same

Come back tomorrow for the 2nd day of X-mas!