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On the Ninth day of X-Mas (2016)

On the ninth day of X-Mas
my blogger gave to me:
Direct Sourcing Posts
Risk Management Posts
Sustainable Posts
e-Procurement Posts
some SRM Posts
some CLM Posts
some Best Practice Posts
some Trend Bashing Posts
and some ranting on stupidity …

While it should just be sourcing, as direct sourcing for one organization is indirect sourcing for another, the reality is, it’s not. Most sourcing platforms were designed for indirect sourcing only and can’t handle the complexity that often goes hand in hand with direct sourcing.

If you’re not convinced, take the Direct Procurement Challenge. Chances are your platform will fall flat on its user interface.

Remember, as Aberdeen pointed out in one of their better pieces, back in the time when they had strong supply analyst talent, we’re Living in a Materials World and you better be prepared to do something about it.

That is because Procurement is Complex [and] Your Platform [better be] Capable of Handling It!

The reality is that, for the average organization, Your Procurement Platform is Cost Centric Perfect for Indirect Only. And that’s just not enough.

If you don’t get it, then you need to get a grip on The Nature of Supply Dynamics
Part I: Unknown when Unmanaged
Part II: Commodity Based Cost Models Alone Aren’t Enough.

You need more, much more.

You need a direct procurement platform capable of Sourcing Lifecycle Management: [it is] The Direct Sourcing Cure.

Come back tomorrow for the tenth day of X-Mas.