Daily Archives: December 27, 2016

Top Posts of 2016 … From the Archives!

Before we countdown the top posts of the year, let’s start by counting down the top twenty viewed posts from the archives. We’re doing this because, believe it or not, the top eleven posts of the year, based on direct page-views (as most visits are homepage views, not direct page-views) were from the archives, going all the way back to 2006! This is because SI posts, which focus on education and not entertainment, truly do stand the test of time!

Runner Up:

The Z-Score … or ZZZ-Score

20. Vendor Day Reprise!

19. Blogger Relations Part II: Fire Your PR Company!

18. It Took 40 Years But BPOs (Bank Payment Obligations) are now Truly SWIFT!

17. Common Negotiation Ploys: Some Basic Counter-Tactics

16. The Advantages of Multi-Tier Supply Chains Come at a Price

15. Economic Damnation 04: Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z

14. How an Online Marketplace Can Improve Equipment Rental Procurement Part I

13. Do You Know the Difference Between Direct and Indirect?

12. Source To Settle – The Sourcing and Procurement Kettle

11. A Strategic Sourcing Plan Outline

10. The Advantages of Decentralization

09. Smock on Sourcing Strategy

08. Best Practice Vendor Selection for True Multi-Nationals Part V: Stuck with an ERP? You do have options!

07. The Importance of the Job Description to Your Talent Management Strategy

06. The Purpose of a Contract is Easy to Define

05. Supply Management in the Decade Ahead VI: Developing Category Strategies

04. The Evolution of Purchasing

03. How BizSlate is Bringing Sexy Back to ERP

02. Five Types of Supply Risk and How to Mitigate Them

01. RFX Defined

What does all this mean? Come back tomorrow for our analysis.