Daily Archives: June 13, 2018

Zycus – Expending their Horizons in the EU

Zycus recently held their inaugural event in Europe — the last three days in Prague, to be precise. the doctor was there and he has to say he was impressed with

  • the conference organization
    (less snafus or lack of organization then a few conferences he’s been to recently organized by larger peers),
  • the content
    (they did a great job blending content from them, their partners, their customers, and leading analysts),
  • the progress
    both on the customer front and the product front

Recently we’ve seen a number of companies break out of Europe and into North America — like Ivalua and Synertrade — but we rarely see companies, even those from North America (and definitely those from India), break in, especially in a short time-frame. In the last two years Zycus has went from almost no presence in Europe to a known provider of S2P services with dozens of local customers among its 300+ worldwide deployments supported by local partners.  That’s quite impressive.

This last fact is key — Zycus understands fully that Europe is not India or America. It is dozens of countries with dozens of languages and dozens of local cultures that need to be supported by a provider that wants to effectively support its customers and the continent in, and on, which they do business. And Zycus understands that there are local implementation partners and providers in Europe that understands these needs. So while some providers try to sell locally with their own staff that they hire in Europe (who can’t know everything as they are few), others try to sell exclusively through partners (who are better equipped for local support, but if not well trained, can’t accurately represent the provider), they sell as a partnership with the local implementation partner, provider of software and provider of service (but take all the responsibility for ensuring the customer receives a successful deployment).

And a successful deployment is something they are quite capable of achieving. Not only do they have 300+ people to support implementations, but they have a history of working with partners to ensure that any localizations that need to happen, happen. We expect that as long as all parties go in with a solid understanding of what needs to happen, and what the true effort is, deployments will be appropriately planned and be successfully realized. And customer progress will continue.

Then we have the product front. Zycus continues to develop and have made good progress on a couple of modules, and their iRequest module in particular. While this may seem the least sophisticated from a sourcing perspective, it is the most important from a success perspective.

When one thinks about why most mavericks try to bypass the Procurement department, it’s typically because they see the Procurement department as a bottleneck. Too long to get approvals. No visibility into the sourcing event. Etc. Etc. With iRequest, anyone in the business can make any sort of request or requisition to Procurement and follow it through to the conclusion, with visibility not just into the status, but into the sourcing event, contracting process, or anything else that is relevant. It links into almost all of their other modules and allows a buyer to kick off events, approval chains, and information request processes with relative ease. It makes Procurement look like an enabler and that is key to organizational acceptance and success. It’s definitely worth checking out.

More coverage on Zycus, here and in depth on Spend Matters Pro (membership required), is coming, so stay tuned.