Daily Archives: August 27, 2018

If you still think you don’t need to get with the program … Part I

… maybe we should ask why?

Earlier this year, SI authored a paper, sponsored by Synertrade, on The importance of program management for savings and value realization (registration required), that laid it bare as to why you need to get with the program.

And then, over the past few months, over on Spend Matters Pro [membership required], the doctor, with the help of the prophet, the maverick, and the revolutionary, has been penning a series on Program Management and how you might go about actually doing it across the Source-to-Contract cycle. For those who might have missed it, here are the links:

But, of course, the how to is irrelevant if you don’t accept the why. Without getting into too many details, as you can download The importance of program management for savings and value realization for free upon registration, the main reasons we pushed you to get with the program were:

  • lost opportunities,
  • lost time,
  • lost innovation, and
  • lost value

But maybe you think you have all the answers with your current non-program based S2P platforms and systems. Maybe you think your processes are sufficiently refined such that you can identify all the opportunities, attack them efficiently, and still innovate acceptably without program management. And if this is the case, you’re probably quite happy with an easy to use, adoptable, second generation S2P platform(s) and see no need to modernize again. But you need to. Why?

Come back for Part II.