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Seeking an Analyst? Who does the doctor recommend?

In our last two posts, we asked how relevant is the analyst firm and then answered that it’s not the analyst firm that’s relevant, but the senior analysts in its rank that are relevant. (And if the firm doesn’t have any in your Source-to-Pay/Supply Chain (related) area, it doesn’t matter how many employees it has, how many countries it is in, how many Billions or Trillions its customers spend, etc. because it won’t be able to help you get your message right, hit your market, or enhance your strategy.)

So, in their honour, here are forty analysts (even if they didn’t work for analyst firms and mainly did behind-the-scenes analyst work as a consultant/advisor) that the doctor has trusted and often referred inquiries to over the years, past and present, and (some of) their (former) areas of specialty:

Present (note that many [14/25] are independent and NOT with a big firm):

Andrew Bartels Back-Office Tech-Driven Business Transformation Forrester
Andrew Karpie CWM/VMS/HCS Independent
Bertrand Maltaverne Source-to-Contract Spend Matters
Bob Derocher SC/Procurement Process Transformation Digitization Independent
Bob Ferrari Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Digitization Strategy Independent
Brian Sommer ERP, HR, & Finance (Transformation) Independent
Chris Sawchuk Metric-Based Procurement Modernization Advisory Hackett Group
Doug Smock Supply Chain Evolution Independent
Garry Mansell Entrepreneurship and Business Growth in S2P and SC / Global Supply Chain Design and Management Independent
Jason Busch Broader Source-to-Pay Market Strategy Spend Matters
Katie Evans AI Ethics Independent
Kelli Coviello Business Growth, Diversity, Work/Life Balance Independent
Lora Cecere Supply Chain Supply Chain Insights
Mickey North Rizza Sourcing, Procurement, Commerce, SRM, Risk IDC
Navroop Sahdev Digital Economy Digital Economist
Noha Tohamy Logistics, Supply Chain Digitization, Analytics Gartner
Patrick Connaughton (Ecosystem) Enterprise Applications Gartner
Pete Loughlin Purchase to Pay / Procurement / Coupa & Ariba Independent
Peter Smith Best Practices, Sustainability, Procurement with Purpose Independent
Phil Fersht Emerging Technologies, Automation, Outsourcing, Global Business, and Horses HFS Research
Pierre Mitchell Procurement and Services Benchmarking & Transformation Spend Matters
Robert Rudzki Strategic Advisory and Procurement Transformation Independent
Sigi Osagie Business Growth through Personal and Team-Based Growth Independent
Vinnie Mirchandani Enterprise Applications and Outsourcing Independent
Voitek Szewczyk Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Transformation, Eastern Europe Independent
Xavier Olivera Procure-to-Pay/LATAM Market Spend Matters

Past ([semi-]retired, out of the analyst world, and/or working for a vendor; 4 independent):

Charles Dominick Procurement and Procurement Training Independent
Debbie Wilson ERP & Finance Independent
Dick Locke Operations, Strategic Sourcing, and International Trade Independent
Doug Hudgeon Back Office Integration & Modernization / Australasia Market Managed Functions
Duncan Jones Procurement Independent
Gerraint John Sourcing, Procurement, SRM, and Risk Interos
Jon W. Hansen Procurement Independent
Magnus Bergfors Strategic Sourcing, Strategic Procurement, SRM Keelvar
Mark Perera Procurement and SRM Vizibl
Nick Heinzmann Procurement, CLM, Sustainability, Fraud Risk, and Startups Zip
Sudy Bhardadwaj Direct Supply Chain, Source-to-Supply, Entrepreneurship SAP
Tim Minahan Procurement & Supply Chain, Business Performance Benchmarks, Best Practices Citrix
Tony Poshek Strategic Sourcing Simfoni
Vance Checketts Supply Chain, Operations Built for Teams
Viktoria Sadlovska Anshu Supply Chain, Trade Finance, Analytics RepTrak Company
Vishal Patel CLM and P2P Ivalua