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It’s Vendor Day … Again!

Last Updated: November 18, 2023

Back in the day when Sourcing Innovation was publishing five-plus (5+) times per week before the doctor became Spend Matters Lead Analyst for Advanced Sourcing Tech in 2017 (through Sept 30, 2022), Sourcing Innovation covered a lot of vendors. It focussed on smaller, innovative, or lesser covered vendors in particular. And every once in a while, it indexed the posts for quick access and discovery. This classic Vendor Day Reprise

indexed all vendor coverage up until June 6, 2016. (Vendor coverage on Sourcing Innovation was sparse from 2017 through 2022.)

From 2017 through 2022, most vendor coverage the doctor did was for Spend Matters and you can find all of it in one of the Spend Matters Content Hubs (2023 subscription required), even if no longer (co-)attributed to the doctor (as the migration from Pro to ContentHub on the new platform seems to have lost co-authors on a number of series, which may or may not be corrected by the time you actually reference this post, which will be available as long as Sourcing Innovation remains online).

Now that the doctor is no longer an analyst for Spend Matters and Sourcing Innovation is back to publishing five-plus (5+) times per week, and covering vendors on a regular basis (2023 goal is 3 to 4 a month, on average, from May onward), it’s time to index all of the new vendor coverage. This post will index all new vendor coverage from 2023 onward (or until the doctor decides to split the article and start a new index once the first set of articles are deemed no longer significantly relevant an unknown number of years in the future).

Vendor Post
AnyData (2023 July 28)
Your Mid-Market Best-of-Breed Analytics Solution …
AthingZ (2023 July 21)
A Logistics-as-a-Service Provider …
Fairmarkit (2023 Nov 02)
Bring a Fair Market Price to Your RFQs
FocalPoint (2023 May 15)
Do You Have a Procurement Focal Point?
Green Cabbage (2023 Sep 20)
Prices Too High? Take a Leaf …
Ignite Procurement (2023 Aug 09)
Spark Your Sourcing Success with Actionable Analytics
Keelvar (2023 Nov 20) Not satisfied with the hill, it’s trying to climb the mountain!
Kodiak Hub (2023 July 26)
Supplier Relationship Management for Sustainability
Logility (2023 Oct 31)
The Real-Time What-If Supply Chain Network Modeller …
MarketDojo (2023 Oct 26)
Stepping Up Its Mid-Market Game
Promena (2023 Nov 07)
A Rich Caffeinated Turkish Punch (for Sourcing)
Serex Procurement (2023 Aug 28)
Easy e-Auctions for the Small Enterprise
Simfoni (2023 Oct 02)
Ascending the Scales in Spend Analysis
(2023 Oct 03)
Bringing the Orchestra to e-Sourcing
SoureDogg (2023 Oct 24)
Dogging the Sourcing Process So You Don’t Have To
SourcingShark (2023 Oct 11)
Sourcing Insights to Take a Bite Out Of Your Sourced Spending
State of Flux (2023 Aug 16)
Do the Oscillations Resonate? (In SXM)
Supplhi (2023 Aug 08)
A Best-of-Breed Supplier Management Platform for Industrial MRO
TenderEasy (2023 Sep 05)
Easy Breezy Beautiful Freight Quotes
SpendHQ (2023 Apr 06)
Now that Per Angusta is Going Away …
Supply Risk Solutions (2023 May 29)
Taking Transparency to Thwarting
Tealbook (2023 May 22)
Laying the Groundwork for the Supplier Data Foundations
Vizibl (2023 Nov 09)
The Collaboration Platform for True Supplier Innovation
Zivio (2023 May 08)
Services Struggles? It’s Apropos!

Dear Reader: Is your favourite vendor missing? Or, more importantly, a vendor you want to know more about? Let them know! Although the doctor is more than happy to speak with new, innovative, and smaller/lesser-covered vendors and review their solutions at his earliest opportunity, like many of his blogger and analyst brethren, he doesn’t have the time to be making random calls all day trying to chase down elusive (or E-CHAOS) vendors. He reaches out to them as soon as he finds out about them, but many newer/smaller vendors don’t understand the importance of objective, independent, third-party, unpaid coverage and ignore him until you tell them you want an independent review and an independent verification that they have a real, valuable, solution.

Dear Vendor: If you have been covered on Sourcing Innovation after April 1, 2023 but before the date of last update given at the top of this post, and are not on the list (or a post in the aforementioned timeframe covering you is missing from the list), please let the doctor know (and send the permalink), and accept his sincere apologies, and the post will be added to the list on or before the next update.