More Than Coupacetic!

Every now and again, the oompa loompas leave the big-screen tv unguarded and the Wii unlocked. During such a time, it’s often possible to sneak past the grunka lunkas and get a demo of the latest development cut of the forthcoming Coupa Enterprise 1.0 release.

And I must say, it’s coupendous. Coupa is moving up the ranks and setting their sights on the minor league championship – the sweet spot for any small and mid size company that wants to stop living in the stone-age with the Flintstones and join the Jetsons in the future. (Now, I love the Bedrock Anthem as much as the next blogger, but I’d much rather you follow the first rule of cost avoidance.)

They’ve been working really hard at Coupa since their enterprise beta release and the number of features it supports has been Coupa-sized. The world’s simplest purchasing tool is not just for requisitions anymore! Look for a major announcement before ISM hits.

In the meantime, I can tell you that they’ve improved the application end-to-end with UI updates, improved search and filter functionality, and improved support for document management across the board. In addition, they’ve also implemented some internationalization support, including multi-currency.

Stay tuned. I should have more details within the week on this coupacetic application.