Tough Times for the Oompa Loompas

Hershey is closing its last Canadian Factory, laying off 580 workers before year’s end, as well as plants in Reading, PA, Naugatuck, CT, and Oakdale, CA. At least in the latter case, maybe a few of the more energetic can go back to school and learn to sling code.

Times must be tough for The Hershey Co., especially since they are launching a suit against Kenneth Affolter for selling marijuana-laced chocolate candy, with names like Stoney Rancher, Rasta Reese’s, and Keef Kat whose packaging was similar to their own, for a mere $100,000 in damages. I find this laughable. I don’t think any one is going to confuse marijuana munchies with plain old candy bars – unless Hershey is planning on launching their own brand of Jamaican Jollies.

More kudos to The Cynical Sourcerer for his enduring efforts to make sure these sugary stories don’t get overlooked!