CombineNet X: The Jay Reddy Interview

Those who know me (and those who have taken the time to read the about posts) know I worked at MindFlow where Jay Reddy was CEO for most of its existence and that I had my fair share (ok, more than fair share) of quarrels with Jay Reddy, but these were almost always centered around, or related to, technology development (selection, management, integration, people, etc.). However, on the sourcing side of the equation, especially from a strategic perspective, I have to admit Jay Reddy really knows his stuff – including where and how to best apply existing and emerging technology to solve your sourcing problems and improve your end results. (There is a big difference between knowing how to build technology and knowing how to use technology. I find that many great developers know the first, many great business minds know the second, but that very few people clearly see both sides of the picture.)

Thus, I would strongly encourage you to check out Part I and Part II of Paul Martyn’s Jay Reddy Interview over on CombineNotes for Jay’s insights.