Daily Archives: August 18, 2007

Hard Times for Oompa Loompas

In my last post on The Cadbury Crunch, I reminded you that Cadbury had recently announced job-cuts in the 7,500 range. In the predecessor post, Confusing Times for Oompa Loompas, I pointed out that Hershey was closing it’s last Canadian factory. This week brought more grim news, Campbell announced it was looking to sell Godiva. These are likely three of the top five chocolate manufacturers in the world. Let’s just hope business goes well for Mars and Nestle, or the enterprising Oompa-Loompas at Lake Forest Confections are going to have to sell an awful lot of boxes of Le Chocolat to make up for the shortfall!

Supply Chain Humor This Week IV

Oh Noooooo! Due to the biofuels demand, we have learned of price increase in Corn, Milk, Beer and Tequila to name a few. But oh dear, not this: Biofuel Boom Threatens Gummy Bears
     Hat Tip: Tony Poshek, The Satirical Sorcerer (formerly known as The Cynical Sorcerer … but only us bloggers got the joke)

The biofuel boom has gone too far this time! It’s bad enough that we are over-focussed on corn-based ethanol, which is six times less economical to produce than sugar-cane ethanol, and which still has a negative EROEI (energy return on energy invested), but to threaten the “sweet, sweet candy” … Homer‘s favorite candy … that’s just not right!

A unique way to pay your invoice: In this case, how a disgruntled math genius decided to pay Verizon. (Take a second to look.)
     Hat Tip: Tony Poshek, The Satirical Sorcerer (formerly known as The Cynical Sorcerer)

Note that
   31.8971 + 22 + 33 + 44 + eiĻ€ + āˆ‘n=15 12400/2n + āˆ‘n=16 n2/n+1
would also be valid in this instance.

Why Civil Rights pursuers don’t make good spend management professionals: A Utah family spent $536,000 in legal fees in a civil rights trial for parental rights. They won their case, and were awarded $2.

After refusing a settlement of $200,000. ‘Nuff said.